Wrigley Wilkinson – Dog Of The Month

Wrigley is the biggest “floofer” you’ve ever met! He is a sociable pup, always trying to meet friends out on every walk! Hailing from Lincoln Park, he is Aisha’s (our featured walker) favorite dog! She had this to say about him, “Wrigley is a handsome ball of fluff! He is sweet, kind, and such a gentleman! He knows his manners! Wrigley is full of tons of energy, and his favorite things are sticks and treats. We have built a great bond together, and I love to spend time with him; he is such a character!”

We are so happy to have Wrigley as part of our DDI Family! Below is an interview with his mom, Kim, about his elegant lifestyle as a doodle!

DDI: When and where did you get Wrigley?

Kim: We got Wrigley in July 2017 as a puppy from Wisconsin.


DDI: What is your favorite thing about Wrigley?

Kim: Our favorite thing about is Wrigley is that he loves life and is always happy to meet someone new either a dog or person.



DDI: If you could describe Wrigley’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

Kim: Life is great let’s go play!


DDI: Tell us a cute/funny story about Wrigley?

Kim: Wrigley has a girlfriend that lives nearby. He tries to get his walkers to stop at her house so that he can try to see her.


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