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Which are Better: Big Dogs vs. Little Dogs?

It’s a question that divides the nation, it’s what makes or breaks a relationship. It’s the question of big dogs vs. small dogs? As someone who has grown up with both, I’ve come up with the answer to end this feud, so everyone can calm down. Are you ready? The answer is: THEY’RE THE SAME!

I’ll let you recover for a second from your mind being blown.

For as long as I’ve interacted with dogs, I’ve heard arguments against smaller dogs, because a dog is smaller, they’ll be little “ankle biters” or bark insanely loud, an overall “annoying” dog. Versus, say, an Akita, who is stocky and strong, obedient. A protector. How’s the little dog going to protect me when they’re three inches off the ground? This, not surprisingly, shifted my idea that I needed to like bigger dogs than little ones.

These assumptions about the size of a dog have actually made the stereotypes and problems worse. For instance, I’ve often believed that my bigger dogs behaved better than my little ones, just by the way of nature. My family always preferred bigger dogs, so when it came to seeing a smaller dog, that notion that they’ll just bark, that they’re just tornadoes of craziness always comes back to me. I’m not perfect, I know that I’m feeding this culture that separates dogs based on size. The ironic thing is, that we can have only ourselves to blame for this “rivalry” that pits dogs against one another based on their size.

A study has shown that based on the level of training and interactions humans have with dogs, our patience with dogs, both big and little, determines the temperament of the dog . Even though we’re aware of this, we still continue to treat dogs differently based on size. I’ve met wonderful, good dogs across the board, both big and small.

So this argument, on which dog is better. It’s all made up because we made it. Dogs have no control whether they’re going to be a Great Dane or a Terrier. Think of it as if they were people. We don’t like to be stereotyped based on size. Our interactions with each other, how we treat each other, decide our character. We, in fact, celebrate all shapes and sizes of people, so then, why, when it comes to dogs, is it so different?

At Dogs Deserve It, we love all shapes and sizes of pup. The more pups, the more love we get to give!

~Alexx, DDI family member

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