Tigger – Dog of the Month

With the overwhelming cuteness of small puppies bombarding our social media feeds and distracting us at work, we wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the precious joy that senior dogs bring to so many people. No one understands the value of that joy more than Nathalie Houde, the owner of Tigger, an 18 and 1/2 year old Miniature Dachshund. Nathalie first got Tigger in 2003 and immigrated with her from Canada. At 18 and 1/2 years old, Tigger is one of the most elderly dogs any of us have ever had the honor of working with! Despite her age, Tigger has an incredible zest for life and always has a little pep in her step. For these reasons, we are happy to announce Tigger as our Dog of the Month.

Tigger and Bibi

Many of our dog walkers first met Tigger as one half of the dynamic duo Tigger and Bibi. Very sadly, we had to say goodbye to Bibi last year, and Tigger’s sadness over that loss was among the most evident. Even though she was never very touchy/feely with Bibi, Tigger grew very sad immediately following Bibi’s passing, and she even suffered some immediate health problems as a result . Remarkably, Tigger has regained much of her strength over the past year and we are so happy to report that she is doing wonderfully.

Just recently, Tigger became the big sister of a new addition to Nathalie’s home. Walter is another senior dog who Nathalie so graciously adopted and introduced to Tigger in late March of this year. Everything is going wonderfully, and we’re extremely happy that Tigger now has another companion by her side again. Tigger has always been a big sleeper, which is very lucky for Walter because that’s also one of his favorite activities! “They do play together though which is a first for Tigger as she is very independent and some might say a little bit of a diva,” Nathalie shared with us. “Maybe having a man in the house has mellowed her a bit.”

Tigger and Walter


For such a small dog (she’s just ten pounds!), Tigger sure acts like the biggest dog in the pack! “She’s sweet and lovely when you meet her. But don’t be fooled. She’s feisty and a badger hunter – she holds her own and is not scared of telling the bigger dogs that she’s in charge and not to be messed with.” Her energy must come from all the food she loves to eat – especially the meatloaf Nathalie likes to make!

We are incredibly lucky to know Tigger and we’re extremely inspired by her life. We also commend Nathalie for honorably providing Tigger, Walter, and Bibi with wonderful lives as they comfortably live out their happiest of years.

“Tigger’s had a great life, has traveled a lot, collecting air miles flying back and forth to Canada visiting friends, human and dogs alike. She only has one toy… big bat kitty which of course is almost twice her size.”

~Dogs Deserve It, April 2018


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