The Power of Dogs

About a week ago I was having a particularly difficult day at work. We were beyond busy and it seemed that everything was going wrong. On top of that, it was typical Chicago – cold weather and cloudy skies. I quickly felt myself sliding into an easy pattern of self loathing. Why does everything have to happen at once? How much more can one person take? When will this stop?

I walked around sulking from one place to another, distracted by my “problems”. When I was driving that night, I was stopped for an inordinately long time at a stop light. I happened to gaze across the street where a young girl and her lab were sitting at the stop sign. She looked down adoringly at him and placed one hand on the side of his face and gave him a kiss. She rested her head on his for a few long seconds and looked up. Her face gave away how she was feeling. She was happy, calm, content, in love, overjoyed and thankful. All of these wonderful emotions caused by one simple brush with her dog.

With my emotions running high already, I began to tear up. This is why I do my job. This is why I work everyday for what seems like unceasing hours. It was because of the power of the dog. The feeling that you get when you love a dog. The feeling that you get from knowing that you are helping a dog . Helping families that so clearly adore their dog that they could never imagine a life without them.

Being in love with a dog is like a constant dose of happy. Their smell can spread the widest smile on your face. Their licks warm your heart. Your wounds are quickly healed as they cuddle next to you. A tangible feeling of their fur on your hand can make you inherently calm. I cannot think of anything on earth that has this affect on the human heart.

The best part of a dog is the unselfish care and love that comes natural to them. They thrive off of our touch, our love and adoration. It is this beautiful symbiotic relationship that makes me get out of bed each morning and makes me love my job.  What we can give to them can never be equal to what they give to us, but we can certainly try to live a life dedicated to the dog – the wondrous power of the dog.