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The Pet Industry Coalition – Dogs Deserve It

Dogs Deserve It, has always prided itself on compliance and doing things “right”.  That’s why DDI owner, Lauren, co-founded The Pet Industry Coalition.

The Pet Industry Coalition believes that doing things lawfully does not have to mean being put out of business. The coalition focuses on education and advocacy.

Companies that misclassify their workers as independent contractors, while asserting total control over their schedules, hours, work ethic and trainings, riddle the dog walking and petsitting industry. This has resulted in an unfair competitive advantage. “Gig” operators within the dog walking industry are propagating these illegal practices. Compliant companies are subject to minimum wage rules and according taxation. As minimum wage continues to increase, the law abiding companies have been forced to raise rates. These rates are disproportionate to the offending companies’ prices. These costs have forced many businesses to close their doors.

The PIC actively helps businesses that want to do things right and to support businesses that already in compliance. We can assist business owners and entrepreneurs at all levels: from just starting to well-established brick-and-mortar operations.

  • Successfully helping businesses switch over their 1099s to employees.
  • Assisting entrepreneurs with creating a legally compliant business from the ground up.
  • Mobilizing cities and communities to adopt regulations for the dog walking industry.

  • Connecting businesses with legal assistance.
  • Coordinating with business owners to draft responsible policy handbooks.
  • Meeting with local and federal agencies to develop laws that foster legal compliance

~Dogs Deserve It

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