The Perfect Fit

How did you find your dog? Petfinder? Rescue? Breeder? I tried all of these routes, before I met my furry soulmate. For a long time, I never felt that feeling that you’re supposed to feel when you know that you’ve met YOUR dog. I always walked away from meet and greets feeling confused and conflicted.

That was until I met the love of my life.  On a sunny day in August 2010, I walked into a home filled with little fur balls. One was cuter than the next. Some puppies were more interested in playing with each other, than me. Others were only interested in me! Out of the corner of my eye I saw a puppy twice the size of the others. He was covered in black silky curls.

“He’s the biggest one and has been hard to adopt out,” said Guido’s temporary mom. “Most people aren’t a fan of his all black fur and shy nature.”

I felt the opposite. I was immediately drawn to the little black mop. As I neared him, Guido slowly meandered to the nearest sofa and curled up underneath it, away from all the other pups. He was content being on his own and was perfectly fine sleeping the day away.

I walked over slowly to approach him. I scooped him up and he nestled in my chest. He had that puppy smell that is unmistakable. At that moment, I knew he was for me.

In so many ways, Guido is perfect for me. He loves to relax. While other dogs are running around in circles, Guido will wander off to sniff a tree or lay on the couch. While I climb into my sofa after a long day of work, Guido plops on the couch cushion next to me and lays his head on my shoulder. My single most favorite trait, is Guido’s desire to think independently. When you walk in our home, he doesn’t run up to you with his tail wagging begging for pets (unless it is his mom!). Instead, he will sniff you and will wander off to be alone, satisfied with chewing a bone and lounging on the cold floor.  He is a bit of a loner.

Guido’s attention has always been easily diverted, too. He will be engrossed in a ball, then distracted by a butterfly. His fascination with life has always endeared me to him.

There is a saying that dogs look and act like their owners. I’m sure that Guido has adapted some traits that I have. For example, he tends to be a bit anxious in new settings and doesn’t always thrive in group settings. But in reality, he has always been such a unique little guy and has not developed the irksome traits of his mother. I often wish that I could be more like Guido. I believe that all of our lives would be a little bit easier if we started to think more like our dogs. And if I could look as cute as him, that would be a giant plus:)