The Name Game

Here are at DDI, we love dissecting dog names. Are they really representative of the dog’s personality? Or are they just an attempt to guess the dog’s personality?

As any good researcher will do, we have taken a sampling of client names and have come up with a conclusion if the name is fitting or not.


Moses – When I met Moses, I was expecting a stoic and formidable male. He did not disappoint. Moses’ chest was permanently tilted upright as if to assert his power, and his stride was short and meaningful. Much like the Biblical Moses, Moses was a leader. He was not the type of dog to follow others. But like most Old English Bulldogs, he was compassionate and open to all types of dogs that we met on the street. All in all, Moses receives an A+ on name accuracy.

IMG_5621 (1)


Friday – One of my favorite names!!! Friday is what you would imagine a Friday to be like. A little quirky and adorable. Friday can flit from one activity to another, all with absolute fascination. Like Wednesday Friday Addams, I can see Friday enjoying activities from ballet to collecting spiders. He is a lover of anything off beat. But don’t be fooled by Friday’s cute little Corgi mix body because he is strong! Friday gets an A+ just because he and his name are both AMAZING.



Casper – I guess this one is obvious. He is white – check. He is invisible…well I guess this one is not so obvious. Casper is a beautiful Husky mix and if you were sitting in a room, you would hardly notice he is there. He is so incredibly calm and mild mannered just like our famous friendly ghost:) A+ for our favorite white pal.


Willow – Does anyone else think of something bendy and wispy when they think of the word willow? Well, Willow is just that. Willow reminds me of a reindeer. She has the longest, skinniest legs that prance around the street with effortless grace. She is a bit all over the place sometimes, only following her instincts. But she travels from place to place like Gumby, contorting her legs from side to side. A perfect embodiment of the loveliness that you feel when you see a willow tree…that is our Willow – A+



Jeff and Mike – Yes. You read right. And they have a cat named Brian. Most would think that you are walking into a frat house where Jeff and Mike sit around crushing six packs all day. But on the contrary, Jeff and Mike typically greet you with a pillow or undergarment in their mouth. They are pure gentleman. Besides the fact that Jeff and Mike’s owners rock (obviously), we LOVE these two. A+. Well done, Jill and Todd:)



Scrappy – This silky terrier is not to be taken lightly. Sure, he is only pushing 15 pounds, but Scrappy looks like a well hardened street fighter. His hair is always a bit disheveled but what we love most about Scrappy is that he is full of personality. He is spicy, sweet and tough, all while being SO cute. You go Scrappy – A+.


Guido – Of course I had to put my little munchkin on this list!!! When I got Guido, I knew that I wanted to name him something Italian. After all, his parents are both Italian and kind of Italy obsessed. So what better word to evoke Italy than Guido. Sure, Jersey Shore ruined this name for me a bit, but my uncle saved me. What do I mean by this? Well, my uncle’s name is Guido. So when anyone assumes that his name was given in honor of Snooky, I can proudly retort, “He was actually named after my uncle.” To my absolute pleasure, Guido has grown up to be a TOTAL Guido. He doesn’t like to mess up his hair…he avoids puddles and water at any cost. He has to survey any dog in the room before they can enter. And last but not least, he will mess you up if you go to close to his lady without asking. Yes, Gui is only 30 pounds, but he is 30 pounds of tough, rough dego man fur.