Ingredients for the Best Dog Walkers

The 5 Key Ingredients that Make a Great Dog Walker

In a perfect world, we’d all have the freedom to bring our beloved pups to work (kudos to the lucky ones who have this opportunity!) In that same perfect world, we’d also have all the time in the world to walk our dogs nearly as much as they need and deserve to be walked. Unfortunately, as 2020 has demonstrated, the world is less than perfect and sometimes, help is needed.

If you’re a dog parent who believes that you may benefit from hiring a dog walker, the first step in the process is often most burdensome. Regardless of whether you need your dog walked once a month, once a week or once a day, you’re placing the health and safety of your pet under someone else’s control. For all loving pet parents, this is no small decision. The good news is that there are definitive signs that you’ve found the right dog walker.

Accommodation and Clear Communication

Any dog walking relationship begins with communication. Every dog is unique and the details relating to your dog’s walk will be as well. As you explore a potential relationship with a dog walking service, take note of how the company responds to your questions and how well your requests are accommodated. Walking dogs may be a routine event for a dog walker, but a good dog walker or dog walking service will always understand that the prospect of clients putting their trust and care of their pet in someone else’s hands is anything but routine. How the dog walking service responds to your requests, big or small, is an indicator of how seriously they view the responsibility of your pet’s care.

Your Dog Walker MUST Love and Understand Dogs!

Granted, the love for dogs goes without saying! But, truly understanding dogs, body language and humane dog training methods is critical. A great dog walker will have received training that allows them to:

  • Effectively address negative on-leash behavior in a manner that is sound and force-free.
  • Be in-tune with body language cues that indicate when your dog may be on guard, scared or frightened.
  • Have the overall skills needed to ensure your pet’s well-being throughout the entire walk.

Your Dog Loves Your Dog Walker

You may have found a dog walking service right in your neighborhood that has all the right credentials, but all bets are off if your dog and the dog walker don’t get along!

If you’ve found a great dog walking service on paper, the proof may actually be in the pudding. Schedule a meet and greet to see how your dog and the dog walker’s personalities line up. Just as every dog has a unique personality, so do dog walkers!

Your Dog Walker is Not Only Accountable, They Also Embrace Tools that Increase Trust

A great dog walker will understand that trust with your pet’s well-being is a privilege not to be abused. While clear and accurate communication is the foundation for establishing this trust, the advent of really cool technology has allowed some dog walkers to provide amazing customized feedback for each and every walk, while also increasing the dog walker’s accountability.

Technologies like GPS walk trackers and pedometers, real-time email notification once a walk starts and ends and a complete GPS tracked map of the walk make it much easier for pet parents to never have to wonder where their pets went and what they did during a walk.

Making sure that the dog walking services that you’re investigating have advanced solutions like these in place will help strengthen the foundation of trust.

The Feedback on the Dog Walking Service is Nothing but POSITIVE

Other pet parents who have used dog walkers were once in your shoes, but they now have the added benefit of a track record with a dog walker or dog walking service. This makes reviews from these local pet parents immensely valuable for those searching for reliable and trustworthy dog walking services.

Take the time to do your homework by researching the dog walker. Look at their reviews on Google and Facebook, in addition to responses to the reviews made by the dog walking services. This bit of due diligence can provide great insight into how the dog walking service has addresses the specific needs of the client.

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