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Summer Dog Safety

It’s almost summer (even though it doesn’t feel like it!) and we are here to give you a quick summer checklist to ensure your furry loved one is safe. Have a wonderful summer with your summer dogs!

  1. Now that the weather is warmer, most folks like to get out to parks and forests to enjoy the outdoors! It is imperative that your dog is armed with BOTH flea and tick AND heart worm preventative. We recommend Bravecto for flea/tick!
  2. Water, water, water! Always pack up a refillable and collapsible water bowl to keep your pup hydrated. If your dog loves to swim, keep in mind that too much water consumption can be lethal! Ensure you are always monitoring your dogs water intake.
  3. Did you know that dogs with short coats can get sunburned?! Make sure you ask your vet if you need to arm your pup with SPF before heading outdoors.
  4. Cooling vest! Most Chicagoans soak up every opportunity to be in the heat but if you have a long haired dog, they may prefer to stay indoors. Enter the cooling vest. Throw the vest in cold water, wring out and pop on your dog for hours of relief!
  5. Heat, in general, can pose several problems for pets but the most important to look out for are heat stroke and paw damage due to hot surfaces. Do not let your dog linger on blacktop and always be monitoring their paws during walks! If you are out in excessive heat, always be looking for excessive panting, lethargy and vomiting. These are all signs of heat stroke.

Cheers to summer dogs!


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