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Road Trips With Pets: Social Distancing Made Easy

Summer is here, and all of us are antsy to get out and travel outside our own neighborhood. We want to see nature, and breathe air that’s doesn’t reek of burnt pizza rolls. If we feel this way, imagine what our pets are feeling! Everyone wants to GO, but there’s one snag: We’re still in a Pandemic, people!

A lot of us, me included, always want to take our pets on the road with us as the ultimate road trip buddy. We love our pets, and we want them to experience the world that lies beyond the backyard. With a Pandemic still going on, it can be hard to imagine how you can have fun, adventure time, but never fear, I have a solution!

My most distinctive memory from my childhood was a road trip with my family and my two dogs. We piled our Golden Retriever and Alaskan Malamute into the back, and set off towards Indiana. We were going to have a great picnic and enjoy nature, but halfway into the ride, it starts to rain. So, we couldn’t turn back. We got to the beach and my dad, so expertly, put down all the seats in the back, setting up the picnic INSIDE the car. All five of us, looking out at the stormy beach from the comfort of our own car. It wasn’t the day we planned for, but, it made for some wonderful memories that would last me a lifetime.

Pet adventures are still possible – just think outside the box!

So, my solution. Think of the Pandemic as a really bad storm. It’s preventing us from having fun, outside adventures we want to with our pets. Take this time to think outside the box, or rather, spruce up the inside of the box. Go to nature, have a picnic with your pets in the back of your car, socially distant camp, or whatever calls to you! If your situation right now prevents fun adventure time, we are more than happy to take your pups on a lil’ field trip. I mean, who doesn’t love a field trip! The point is, yes, this Pandemic is awful and it’s putting a damper on what we can do, but it doesn’t mean it has to put a damper on your Summer fun!


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