Waffles the labradoodle

Our Favorite Client Dog Names

Dogs Deserve It is pleased to announce our favorite client dog names! One of the favorite things about our job is to meet all of the furry angels behind the cute names. Check out some of our most beloved names below:

  • Waffles: I’m sorry, but how could you NOT love this?! Waffles is a ball of fur and fittingly, loves to eat!
  • Ravioli: Another food-themed name and absolutely outstanding choice!
  • Sir Rocky of Lincoln Park Nobility: Nothing short of amazing. We adore this name and this regal pup!
  • Frank: People names for dogs are undoubtedly the most hilarious and adorable names! We love Frank and his human name:)
  • Betty White: Yes, she is named after THAT Betty White. She’s equally as sassy and sweet!
  • Tulip: This name always brightens up your day! This girl’s ears are always perked up like the perky flower that she is!
  • Stubbs: Close your eyes and imagine a dog named Stubbs. Your imagination is probably correct – he has incredibly short legs and a long body!
  • Friday: TGIF. Friday is ALWAYS happy to see you when you walk in the door. We feel happy everyday with Friday!
  • Miss Jackson: “I am for real!”! This babe is perfect for her name. Sing it, MJ!
  • Ebenezer: Yes, her full name is Ebenezer Scrooge. This name always make us laugh but rest assured, she is not a Scrooge! Ebie is a whirlwind of love, joy and fun!


We love ALL of our dogs’ names but are happy to feature some of our all-time favorite client dog names!!! xoxo DDI team

P.S. Check out this link to check out the country’s favorite dog names:)

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