Mythos June Dog of the Month

Mythos – June Dog of the Month

Mythos – June Dog of the Month. If you haven’t met Mythos yet, then you haven’t lived life! Mythos is pure joy. If it were up to me, he would be my sidekick in life! Checkout these entertaining and adorable answers from Mythos’ mom, Lisa.
1) When and where did you get Mythos?
We picked up Mythos from Wolf River Bernedoodles in Wisconsin Fall 2017. We drove up the week before to meet with the puppies and pick our buddy. Originally, we wanted a Bernedoodle with the Bernese markings, but then we met Mythos who is a sable parti and had to have him. Mythos had plopped himself in the lap of the breeder and was straight chilling while his brothers and sisters were playing with each other, sniffing around, and napping,  That’s our boy.

2) What inspired his unique name? 
We have family in Athens and visit Greece every year. To honor our heritage and our favorite beer, we named him Mythos (his middle name is Tzatziki).

3) What is your favorite thing about Mythos?
Mythos has very high emotional intelligence. If one of us is upset in any way, Mythos will leave whatever he is doing to lick our face and sit in our lap till we have a smile on our face. He also whimpers very loudly when his baby sister cries. He’s very sensitive.

4) Tell us your favorite Mythos story
My mom came to stay at our house when Mythos was a few months old. We told her Mythos was not allowed in her bed. We woke up the next morning and Mythos was laying right next to her and they were spooning. Also, fun fact, Mythos is deathly scared of White Walkers. His tail goes down the minute they come on screen. He’s really happy Game of Thrones is over.

5) If Mythos had a tagline, what would it be?
No lap is too small, if you dream big enough.

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