Molly – Dog of the Month

It comes with great pleasure that we get to feature a special dog each month, and it’s a decision we don’t take lightly. With the help of this month’s Featured Walker, we all agreed that Molly was most deserving of the title Dog of the Month! With her floppy ears and puppy-dog eyes that beg you to come a little bit closer, Molly’s got everything it takes to melt our hearts.

Darian and Molly

As Molly’s regular walker, Darian had lots of reasons as to why she loves Molly so much!

“Molly is such a goofball! I met Molly when I first started at DDI in 2015. We had one walk together and she was very shy and quiet. In the summer of 2017, I was put into a new route and had the honor of being Molly’s regular walker and let me tell you, she has such a bigger personality than I initially thought. It took her and I about a week to become BFFs and we are going strong, I think because we both like naps and treats!”


One of the many reasons we love getting to care for Molly so much is how wonderful her owners are to her! We got the chance to ask Ross and Caitlin some questions about Molly’s background and we’ve shared them with you below. Please enjoy!

DDI: When and where did you get Molly?

R&C: We adopted Molly from PAWS in Lincoln Park in June of 2014. She had 5 brothers and sisters with her when she arrived at PAWS from Oklahoma. The puppies had been displaced by all the storms and tornadoes throughout the Spring in the southwest. We saw Molly through the glass and asked to have a playdate with her. The meet and greet of the puppy world. She immediately snuggled up to Caitlin and I and won us over with those big brown eyes. We knew then that we weren’t walking out of there without her. It also didn’t hurt that she came from Oklahoma as that is where I (Ross)  was born and raised.

DDI: What is your favorite thing about Molly?

R&C: To narrow our favorite thing about Molly down to one thing is quite hard. She has some many hilarious, annoying but cute and endearing qualities. But the one quality about Molly that always seems to get us is her ability to convince anyone around her to give her a belly rub. You might want her to go on a walk or move on the couch or stop barking out the window, but she just wants a belly rub. And eventually will get one.

DDI: If you could describe Molly’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

R&C: Sniff until your heart’s content then get a belly rub and nap it out. Rinse. Repeat.

DDI: Could you tell us a cute and funny story about Molly?

R&C: A funny story about Molly. How much time do you have?  There is a library of them. But here is one that always makes us chuckle. In May of last year we had some people coming over to do work at our apartment so we took Molly to doggy day camp for the day. She always parties and has a great time there and we figured it would get a good amount of energy out.

So we dropped her off that morning. When we picked her up in the evening the lady at the reception came out to meet us just giggling a little and said we need to ask you a couple of questions. She said, “Does Molly know how to open doors?”. We said not to our knowledge. She said, “well, she does now”. Then asked what the second question was and she said, “Oh, does Molly like pizza?”. and we said that she has always been attracted to the smell. She followed up with, “That explains it. Because the door she opened was to the break room. Where she got in and ate an undetermined amount of slices. Thanks have a great night.” We all started laughing and then we looked at Molly where she gave us that ‘Sorry not Sorry’ look.

We’re so incredibly sorry not sorry for you too, Molly! From the pizza to the incessant belly rubs, you are such a unique pup full of life and personality. DDI is so lucky to have such an adorable and funny dog to care for like you!

~Dogs Deserve It, February 2018 


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