Let’s Work

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This is how I lived for the past eight days. I basked in tropical breezes, engulfed air so sticky you could taste it and perfected the art of doing nothing.

I am a vacation elitist. You have to pass a very specific test to own your vacation claim. Many people say they go on vacation but actually spend most of their time worrying, working or planning their lives upon their inevitable return. To me, this is not a vacation. This is relocating your work to a different climate, country or state.

On my vacations, my mind becomes a vacuum. Nothing exists there except the air and sun. Thoughts of ice and work attempt to penetrate my state of nothingness, but when I am on vacation nothing can intrude my vortex.

I have always prided myself on being able to relax. I consider myself the aficionado of sleep. You could say that I have an affinity for all things serene. I can easily sleep for 12 hours daily and have no problem taking a nap after my work day. Those that know me are often left in awe by my mastery of sleep. I once saw on the Today Show that people significantly shorten their life span by doing the following three things:

1) Let stress rule their lives
2) Abandon healthy eating habits
3) Deprive yourself of sleep

As I watched these factors being rattled off, I pompously sat on my couch eating Kashi, fresh off of a 11-hour sleep. Call me self-righteous, but I think I am just plain smart.

My life wasn’t always like this, though. For most of my lack luster career, I slaved away at a PR job where 12-hour days were the norm and uncomfortable business casual clothes were expected. Every morning I would wake up feeling robbed of what was most important to me. I adopted a coffee drinking habit and worked high off caffeine for most of my day. Everyday I struggled to stay awake after my noon-hour gorge and cursed my 12-hour desk job. I knew I wasn’t meant to live like this.

When I would come home from work, I enviously greeted my dog. He had spent the entire day of doing my job.

The Europeans and dogs have us all beat. They live the life of siestas and long lunches. Have you ever noticed how dogs are always happy? This joy has to be attributed to their love of sleep.

When my entrepreneurial fervor could no longer be held in, I knew that I had to create a company that would a) deal with dogs and b) allow me to sleep. My new company could allow me to live a dog’s life through and through.

My work week now consists of plenty of long days and nights of doing all things DDI, but I always allot time to “be”…to sleep…to rest…to be with dogs. To be me.

Great writers like Mr. Emerson are known as great because they eloquently state the obvious. He was my predecessor in the “be” appreciation. You may not be able to go on vacation anytime soon, but you can live a dog’s life…work a dog’s week. Sleep more and then tell me how you feel. I’m sure you’ll be greeting your dog with a smile.