Kris – Dog of the Month

You ever see a dog whose expressions are so darn cute, that you wonder if you’ve ever seen anything sweeter in the world? And then, that dog immediately does something that makes your heart melt and you’re convinced there’s nothing sweeter in the world? Yeah, that’s us when we’re around Kris.

We’ve been walking Kris for many years and he has touched the lives of so many dog walkers. Here’s what his current walker, Angel (also our Featured Walker this month), has to say: “Kris is a sweet and sociable little guy. He likes to say hi to everyone on two feet or four paws and is always gentle. He always greets me at the door with a waggy tail. But, beware, he will try to con you out of treats by pretending to pee for a reward.” 

We also reached out to Kris’ favorite petsitter, Joe: “He’s a delightful noodley-man! He’s the perfect combination of energetic and playful and intelligent and receptive. He listens intently for what you need him to do. He’s one of those good dogs who knows exactly the most convenient places to poop relative to garbage cans. I never think that’s a coincidence. He’s a loveable, playful chow-hound and it always feels good to see him again.”

For many years, Kris was walked by our dearly-missed walker, Alex. We asked Alex to share a favorite Kris story. “I remember going for a run with him on a petsit because I wanted to tire him out. We ran/sprinted over three miles and I could hardly keep up with him. He loved pooping on the sidewalk and was very sweet around kids which was a relief because he lives next to a school. He was a quirky dog.”

Kris’ owners shared with us some information about him too!

DDI: When and where did you get Kris?

KrisI wouldn’t necessarily say that we “got” Kris. It feels more like he chose my husband as his human that day,  four and a half years ago at the Anti-cruelty Society in Downtown Chicago. Kris was named Larry at the time and had been rescued from a shelter in Oklahoma. We named him Kris after Kristofferson Silverfox, a character from Fantastic Mr. Fox. We felt he was sly as a fox and a great athlete. 

DDI: What is your favorite thing about Kris?

Kris: His personality.  He is very clear about what he wants and communicates that very effectively.  He is also very affectionate and good-natured. 


DDI: If you could describe Kris’ life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

Kris: He is a happy-go-lucky kinda puppy

DDI: Could you tell us a cute/funny story about Kris?

Kris: Kris has a mental map of our neighborhood and knows exactly which retailers are dog friendly and offer treats (he can remember a shop after a single visit). When we are on a walk he would usually try to go in those stores. In the off chance that we would actually go in, Kris heads straight to the cashier, sits, and awaits his treat. He brings out his doggy smile which compels people to be like  “well can I just give him one more…”. Sly as a fox he is…

Congratulations to Kris and his owners Josh and Ema. Thank you for letting him be a part of the Dogs Deserve It family!

~Dogs Deserve It, May 2018


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