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Joint Pain In Dogs – Guest Post

How to know symptoms of joint pain in dogs? And effective way to cure.

Hello pet lovers, hope you are happy and caring for your honest and loving pet. It hardly matters what breed and type of pet you are having, it’s your duty to give them a healthy and graceful life. As human beings, diseases also attack pets and make them suffer from agony.

The most widely held pet which almost all pet lover embrace is a dog. They are friendly, loyal, and full of love. Irrespective of the dog age and size, they can be plagued by joint pain. Joint pain is the result of daily wear and tear of the joints.

Here, you need to be more vigilant and concerned about your pet issues, routine, and the medication. Try to opt for trustworthy brands like pet bounce for dog joints if you find any symptoms of joint pain. For making the task easy for you, below we jotted down the symptoms to predict whether your loving dog is dealing with joint pain or not:

Licking of the affected area

For getting relief from pain, dogs start licking the affected area but, if it does not work, they start biting and chewing the area to reduce the irritation which sometimes leads to hair loss from that area.

Not so active

Your pet stops doing his normal jumping and other activities and spends most of the time sleeping or resting.

Walk lamely and stiffness

In some cases, dogs start limping which means supporting leg which has joint pain. It is evident if your pet does it especially after resting.

Aggressive behavior

Due to pain dogs may become aggressive and irritable and snap or bite you if not handled with care or you touch the specific joint which has pain. So, always try to pay attention to the changed behavior of your pet and then take the right course of action.


Swelling often appear in the case of septic arthritis followed by pain in joints and heat. And the inflammation occurs when the cartilage within the joint is damaged.

Muscle atrophy

Because of less inactivity and decreased use of muscles by a pet suffering from joint pain muscle atrophy develops. The leg which suffers from this condition looks thinner than other legs.

Weight Fluctuation

Pet suffering from pain will either loss or gain weight.  Weight gain is not because of overeating instead it is lazy behavior of the dog due to joint pain. Sometimes the pet completely loses his interest in its food. In this case, as soon as you observe the condition take your pet for a medical-checkup.


Now the question arises how to handle the situation? For answer check out the following solutions:

Multi-vitamin Pet supplements- The very first step is to add multi-vitamin supplements to the diet of your dog. Try to buy the supplement from a reputable brand like pet bounce.

Medical checkup- It’s very difficult to handle the situation by yourself so consult the doctor and provide proper medication to the pet. In some cases it is not easy to give pills and powdered medicines, you can request the doctor to prescribe liquid medicines like pet bounce liquid for dog joints which relieves the pain in short span without any side effects.

Good luck!

This post was written by Guest Author, Kathreen Miller, a pet’s health blogger. Her life revolves around things that are healthy and natural. She is associated with Petbounce products for dogs. She loves to share her tips and views on dogs and cats.

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