Instagram worthy dog pictures

How To Take Instagram-Worthy Dog Photos

I remember when I got Guido and could barely stand how cute he was. Being the crazy puppy parent I was, I was convinced that he could become an Instagram model. Much to my dismay, Guido didn’t become famous but I still take pride in his adorable selfies. Check out our tips for Instagram-worthy dog photos below.

  1. Lighting: Sometimes it’s tough for me to get a good shot of Guido as he is mostly the same color black. What I’ve found is that lighting is key. Contrary to popular thought, sunny is not the best light for dogs (and people). Slightly overcast days make for the best light. Check out our cover photo for a great example!

  2. Temperament: Dogs are adorable, especially while playing, but it’s best to do the playing prior to pics. An exhausted dog makes for a much easier photo subject!

  3. Place: Guido’s favorite spot to hang out is laying curled up on top of our couch. I can barely stand how cute he is when he’s laying there! I always try to catch his cuteness but the pics never turn out good. This is why I recommend always taking photos outside. Outdoor light will always beat indoor.

  4. Frame: It can be difficult to catch your dog being still that’s why you try to take the pic as quickly as possible. If you want to take the best pic of a dog, then leave space around him/her to frame them. You won’t be disappointed!

  5. Gridlines: If you don’t know about gridlines, Google it and add them STAT to your camera! Gridlines allow you to properly align your photos.

Try out our Instagram-worthy pic tips and make sure you tag us @dogsdeserveit!

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