Henry- January Dog of the Month


Henry – Dogs Deserve It January Dog of the Month. We love Henry and can’t handle how sweet his owners’ answers are! Read more about this boy’s storied life below:
1) When and where did you get Henry?

We rescued Henry in September at the Ozark Kat and K9 shelter in Sunrise Beach, Missouri. A quick plug for shelter dogs – with the holiday season just passing, take an hour out of a weekend or skip buying coffee for a week and donate to a local shelter if you can; even the smallest gesture can make a massive difference!!

2) What is your favorite thing about Henry?

Our favorite thing about Henry is all of the sounds that he makes (groans, moans, assorted grumpy noises) – but, at the same time, he does not bark (which is pawsome!).

4) Tell us a cute/funny story about Henry!

About 2 years ago we had just relocated to Chicago and Henry was taking some time to acclimate to new sounds, smells, schedules, etc. One of the biggest changes was he was spending more time in his crate (about 3-4 hours versus 1-2, previously). It was a normal workday and upon Madeline arriving at home, she saw that there was a down feather peeking out from under the closed door of the room he was in. After opening the door, she found that Henry had shredded a down comforter, but was somehow still in his crate (did he get out then lock himself back in or did someone let him out?). For context  – Henry’s crate was on one side of the room and the bed was on the other. What we found out later is Henry discovered that if he body-slammed the side of his crate he could get it to slide a few inches on the floor. That means he must have body-slammed his crate 10s of times to push it across the room just to get to the comforter. Moral of the story, we have since made it so his crate is unmovable and we still find down feathers to this day.

3) If you could describe his life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

Always happy to meet and play with other dogs, people, animals, otherwise please just leave me alone so I can nap under a blanket.



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