Two French bulldogs being walked by dog walker

Hear what our customers are saying!

Every visit our customers are able to submit a “happiness” score. Check out what some customers are saying this week!

“There are no words which can capture the gratitude I have for Angelique’s dog sense and kindness. Ziggy is a sweet little guy but where she really showed her dog sense was how quickly she understood my now angel dog Bailey. Baileys leash aggression spiked with the move to the apartment but Angelique understood her. Bailey was not trying to give anyone a difficult time, she was having a difficult time. I will forever be thankful that Bailey had Angelique’s kindness to help her make the transition to the apartment. No one knew it would be her last few months but after she was gone every kindness was magnified. Thank you”

“Love Kaitlyn. So kind and really loves what she does and it shows!”

“James is wonderful and leaves the best messages that put such a smile on my face!”

“Dalia is a wonderful dogwalker. I have been so happy with her, she is so patient with Morty and gives great updates.”

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