Have a hyper dog? Five great ways to calm them down

Let’s face it, the pandemic is rough. As social creatures, we have a desire to be with people and feed off that energy. The desire to be social and to be places, isn’t just reserved for humans, though. Dogs pent up anxiety and energy can often be manifested into hyperactivity. Dogs Deserve It is here to provide five great ways to calm your a hyper dog down.


Most of us have seen dogs on treadmills only when flipping through YouTube or TikTok, but believe it or not, treadmills are commonly used by dog trainers to calm especially energetic pups.

When introducing your dog to a treadmill, ensure you keep the speed particularly slow and place your hand with treats towards the dog’s head. Encourage the dog through verbal praise and make sure you are keeping the treadmill at a speed they can handle. Anywhere from 10-15 minutes is usually a good amount of time to expend their energy!


Swimming is one of the best all body workouts for dogs. Not only is the water easy on joints and bones, but it is actually therapeutic and rehabilitative should your dog suffer from some form of degenerative disease. Not all of us own Portugese Water Dogs or Labradors, but that doesn’t mean your dog can’t swim. There are excellent doggie life jackets that you can even hold onto to keep your dog afloat. Swimming is hands down one of the best ways to calm a hyper dog!

Brain Teasers

A hyper dog does not necessarily mean that they need physical activity to quell them. Many working breeds such as German Shepherds, require just as much mental stimulus as they do physical. The great news is, that there are a wealth of products you can get to keep your pup’s mind occupied. Our two favorites are the Outward Hound Brick Puzzle and the IQ Treat Dispenser Ball.

Bully Sticks

Some dogs have a greater need to chew than others. I’ve witnessed dogs that need to chew a bone or toy almost as much as they need to go on walks or potty. This oral fixation is common and sometimes very difficult to satisfy.

Kongs are great as they are incredibly durable and can be filled with lots of different types of treats, but if you have a dog like mine, then they will ignore these rubber toys. My dog favors actually bones. Bully sticks are one of my absolute favorite because they disintegrate while eating and don’t break off into fragments. Furthermore, they last a LONG time, occupying even the most aggressive chewer. Dogs Deserve It recommends always ensuring the bully sticks are made and sourced in the USA and while expensive, their health and safety is what matters most!

Dog Park

If you’re an urban dweller, chances are that you have a dog park near you. If you’re in a more rural area where dog parks aren’t as pervasive, there are bound to be either dedicated forest preserves for dog socialization purposes or state parks where dogs can frolic off leash. The best part of these designated “dog” zones is that your hyper dog not only fulfill their desire to RUN but also to smell.

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