Guido – Dog of the Month

This guy….his name pretty much says it all! Guido is an adorable, black furry Schnoodle (with just a tinge of attitude!). Guido was starting to get a complex by not being chosen for Dog of the Month, so we thought it fitting that he should finally get to wear that badge of honor. Check out the questions we asked Lauren, DDI owner, about Guido!


DDI: Where did the name Guido come from?

Lauren: My family is very Italian. One of our relative’s name was Guido and I thought it was the perfect name to immediately connote “I am Italian.” Ironically, he has seamlessly adopted to his name as he LOVES to eat and is known for being a bit of a “Guido” when he meets new people and dogs.


DDI: What’s your favorite part about him?

Lauren: He is hands down, the most loyal creature I have ever met. His life revolves around his family. Guido is so incredibly patient with my two toddlers at home and always is there to snuggle me when I need it most. I always say he’s my best friend, but he really, really is. He goes with me EVERYWHERE…from dropping off the boys at school, Walgreens to restaurants, this guy is my ride or die sidekick.


DDI: What’s Guido’s favorite thing to do?

Lauren: Eating. And then eating some more. He LOVES walks, though, and somehow can tell time as he comes over and paws me EXACTLY at the three hour marker since his last walk. After walks, he likes to eat again:) True Italian boy!


DDI: What do you think Guido thinks most of the day?

Lauren: “Where is my mom, is my mom alive, when is my mom going to walk me, when is my mom going to feed me” and if I’m gone, “My mom is never going to come back, my mom is gone forever, she will never return for me.” Guido is neurotic and paranoid, but that is what makes me love him even more!!!


***If you are ever around the office, feel free to stop in for free Guido pets!!

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