Georgia – Dog Of The Month

Georgia is our August 2018 Featured Dog of the Month! Georgia is a sweet little lab mix, who is still enjoying her golden years of puppyhood! She is growing like a weed but still has that playful puppy spirit through and through!  Georgia is Lincoln Park resident, who is often walked by Elise, our Featured Walker of the Month! Georgia is among Elise’s favorites because of how thrilled she is to see Elise always.  It makes work feel like a playdate! We are so happy to have sweet little Georgia as part of our DDI family! We all have Georgia on our mind! (…Sorry, We Just Had To!)  Below is an interview with Georgia’s mom, Jessica, about this spirited pup!


DDI: When and where did you get Georgia?

Jessica: I got Georgia from PAWS on March 4th, 2018.  She was 10 weeks old.  I was not planning on taking a dog home that day, but I could just could not let her go!

DDI: What is your favorite thing about Georgia?

Jessica: My favorite thing about Georgia is that she is a sweetheart that loves everyone. She is playful, energetic and as someone once told me referring to her and a group of dogs, “she’s everybody’s best friend.”

DDI: If you could describe Georgia’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

Jessica: Georgia’s life attitude is “Kids? Kids? I see kids!” She LOVES children.

DDI: Tell us a cute/funny story about Georgia!

Jessica: In the middle of the night, Georgia will move to sleep on top of my head. She rests her head on mine. It’s not so comfortable for me, but it’s so cute that I always let her stay there. 

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