Fireworks Fourth of July Fears

Fourth of July Dog Fears and Cures!

Fourth of July dog fears and cures! Most people in the midwest look forward to Fourth of July celebrations…the sun, the fireworks, good food and fun! However, for most dogs, the Fourth is riddled with fear. The sound of fireworks, while loud, is tolerable by most people. But, this sound to dogs is like a bolt of lightning to their nervous system. A dog’s immediate instinct is either to flea the sound or to exhibit typical signs of anxiety such as shaking, cowering and whimpering. The unpredictability of when that scary sound will come again, only furthers their anxious reaction. Some dogs even internalize fireworks as an instinctual threat.

Unfortunately, there are not many places you can hide from these sounds, so below are some recommended techniques to keep your dog calm during the chaos:
  1. Create a calming environment. It may sound strange, but essential oils, such as lavender, have actually proven effective when calming dogs. The oil stimulates areas of your dog’s limbic system, which is a part of your brain that plays a role in emotions, behaviors, sense of smell and long-term memory. We recommend using a diffuser so not to overpower the dog’s senses. Read here for important dosage information.
  2. Utilize wraps. Thunder shirts or other fitted items provide constant pressure, which most dogs take as relaxing and soothing. Thundershirts are the most popular brand.
  3. Don’t go outside! Although this seems, obvious, it still needs to be explicitly stated that you should limit the time your dog spends outside. If you would like to do a potty break, make it quick!
  4. Medication. If your dog suffers from debilitating fear of fireworks and you have tried all of the aforementioned techniques to no avail, then we recommend you consult your vet. Vets can provide your dog with a small dose of anti-anxiety medication to ease them through the holiday.

We hope these Fourth of July dog fears and cures helped! Have a wonderful and safe “howliday”! xoxo Dogs Deserve It team

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