Featured Walker: Sam


Sam joined DDI over a year ago and we are so happy to have her as part of our team! She covers the Bucktown/Ukrainian Village area and always has  a positive attitude no matter what. She is a team player and even is down for taking last minute walks and weekend shifts.

One of her clients had this to say about her,  “She’s been extremely consistent with Jobin in terms of being on-time, walking appx 1mi each time, and acknowledging all of our random notes / requests.  As a dog owner, that’s very important and much appreciated!  Additionally, Sam has gone above and beyond many times for Jobin and us, including bringing in our packages when she sees them sitting by the door, and most recently, cleaning up Jobin’s messes upon arrival. ”

Below is an interview with Sam about dogwalking.


Why did you decide to become a dog walker?

I thought dog walking was going to fit my active lifestyle and my sweet spot for  animals so I decided to give it a try and a year later I’m still doing it! I was active then, now I am super on point with it. Not to mention I get to meet all these cute doggies around the city!


What is your favorite thing about the job? 

I can’t seem to choose between favorites: If it’s watching pups do super cute and goofy things, getting to work with super cool people and clients, being able to bike all the time and enjoy the outdoors, or just having fun!


Tell us about your self and what you would like our readers/clients to know about you?

The best part of this job is that I have time to do things I love outside of work: not to mention I love biking so bike culture is an important thing in my life , so you will always see me biking, working on one or just being super nerdy about it! Ha! Besides that I’m a jack of all trades, I can play music(drums), I’m handy around the house or building things but my favorite thing is loving my own doggy Kur!

🚲 + 🐶 + ☕️ + 🍕 + 🎶 = 💖✌🏼️


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