Featured Walker: Masalah

On Masalah’s very first day on the job, we experienced an unfortunate company-wide PetCloud outage, rendering our walkers without the ability to view their schedules. Masalah prevailed through the rather unordinary circumstances and immediately proved his ability to work through any type of difficult situation. Three years later, Masalah continues to provide our clients and their dogs with incredible service through his goofy nature and huge heart. Here’s his backstory:

“I actually became a dog walker by way of my girlfriend (Darian, you may know her; she walks pups now and then). She worked at DDI and I was jealous of seeing all of her adorable pictures and videos of the dogs she walked so I moved back to Chicago so that I could have my very own photogenic friends!

The best part about the job is preeettyy self explanatory. In the same way you create relationships with coworkers at office jobs, I have rapport with all of my pups! So every day is like getting to see all my friends at my job, except just getting to see them IS THE JOB. Plus all the biking and fresh air keeps me healthy! The best part about DDI is that you really have the opportunity to get to know the other walkers and managers and it’s easy to tell that everyone really cares about what they’re doing and the dogs they walk, and cares about helping you when you need it!

I spend a good deal of my time doing photography, working on or writing films and music videos, painting from time to time, building not-so-amazing-but-still-functional mid century inspired furniture, fixing my bike (perpetually), and shamelessly pampering my young cat Monet.

In the same way that I’m there to walk your pups through the sunny beautiful days and the awful Chicago winter days, they’re there for me throughout every type of day I’m having, and sometime seeing those puppy dog eyes can cheer me up more than anything else ever could. So I hope you (and they) know how much I appreciate everything they do!”

Congrats, Masalah. We love you and so do your dogs!

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