Featured Walker: Joe


Joe Cunningham

Joe started with the company in the dead winter and has been one of the most dedicated and hardworking walker we have. He is the definition of a team player and helps out with last minute walks, petsits, etc., all with a positive attitude.  Operations Manager, Sam said, “He makes himself available for everyone’s dogs no matter the time, weather. He is dependable and reliable. We love Joe.” Honestly if he could he would walk all the dogs.

Below is more about Joe and his love for his pups and the company.


“I started working at DDI in the dead of winter in Late January. I was referred to by a friend and right away saw how good of a job it was. Getting paid to walk and hang out with dogs, it still feels too good to be true. My favorite thing about working for DDI is learning that much like humans, dogs have a wide spectrum of physical and mental differences. Seeing these differences and learning about them has been very eye-opening and so interesting.
I went to school for art& graphic design, and have very artistic passions. I love to draw, and I’ve been playing guitar my whole life. I am honored by this recognition and look forward to many more happy days at DDI.”

This is the first month we are featuring a dog walker and their regular dog in the same issue. Check out Joe’s regular client, Denver, and his dad’s interview under this month’s Dog of the Month!


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