Featured Walker: Jerrel Chandler

Jerrel is one of the chillest walkers we have. He comes in every morning, early, with a smile on his face and you can tell he lives life to the fullest. Jerrel’s happiness is infectious. We are absolutely blessed to have Jerrel as part of our DDI family.  Sam, the Operations Manager, said this about Jerrel. “The most positive, easy-going, happy person I’ve ever known and his spirit is contagious among dogs and people alike.” New Client Manager, Daniel, agreed, “Jerrel is just about the nicest person you could meet. His kindness and warmth make him a favorite among people and dogs alike!”

Below is an interview with Jerrel.

Why did you decide to become a dog walker?

I come from a dog loving household and always had a pet dog growing up. I love animals in general, but it was helping family friends take care of their pets that made me want to pursue this as a job.

What is your favorite thing about the job? and DDI?

The pups, obviously! But also their parents/the people I walk for. I have a great relationship with the people I work with, and I love being able to take care of their loved one – but I also feel like they care about me. When it comes to DDI, I love my co-workers and boss. They’ve definitely embraced me and are very supportive of me, not only when I’m working, but in my life in general.

Tell us about your passions/hobbies!

My passion creating music. I am a rapper and producer and music runs in my family. My dad and step-mom are both singers, as well as my grandma. My grandad plays guitar and my brother is also a rapper and producer. I also love photography (film especially) and playing basketball.

What would you like our readers/clients to know about most about you?

My main goal in life is to make people happy, through music or otherwise, and this job helps contribute to that (dogs make people happy, including me).  I really feel like I was putting on this earth to make people happy. I have been able to learn a lot about myself over the past year, and working with DDI has been instrumental in that. I am really fortunate to have this job and to be able to hang out with these sweet pups.


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