Featured Walker: James Anderson

Reliable, thorough, trustworthy, professional, and kind are some of the many characteristics that define James’ work ethic. Since November of last year, the dogs and cats of Lincoln Park and Lakeview have been so fortunate to receive the care that James kindly provides on a daily basis, and we’re so grateful for all that he does for DDI! He’s very dependable and consistent, and always helps the entire DDI team when we’re in need.

Jasmin, DDI’s Scheduling Manager, states, “A few times I have had to meet up with James during a walk. He loves talking about the dogs’ quirks and behaviors, and you can tell he has invested his time getting to know each and every one of his dogs.”

We thank James for his dedication and his warm-hearted approach to dog-walking. Read below to get to know James for yourself!

James: Why did I decide to become a dog walker? That’s easy enough—for the dogs! I don’t have any pups of my own, and being a dog walker is the easiest way to spend time with them. It’s so fantastic when I become a regular walker for a pup and they begin to recognize me when I open the door. Most likely, they’ve been trapped inside all day, sitting in solitude. Then I open the door and they get excited like “Yay! Liberate me from this boredom. Lets go!” Their tail starts wagging, and they can’t wait to get the harness on. Being a dog walker means the dogs only associate me with good times—treats, food, pets, and going outside. I swoop in and give the pups everything the furballs desire.

One of the things I love about DDI is that it allows me flexibility. Which is great because when I’m not dog walking, I do some film editing on the side and work on the occasional film crew. It’s difficult to find steady work in creative fields, and DDI allows me both the time to do continue dabbling in that world along with enough financial stability to keep the student loans collectors satisfied.

**Thank you, James, for being such a friendly part of the Dogs Deserve It team. We are so lucky to have you caring for our clients’ pets each and every day! **

~Dogs Deserve It, October 2017





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