Featured Walker: Emma Goldberg

Emma has been with DDI for over a year now working in the Lakeview area. She is the sweetest walker who brightens up a room when  you walk in. General Manager, Danielle says, “Emma is a wonderful walker because you can tell that she really cares about all of her pups. She is positive even on the coldest days and it’s obvious that she builds a special relationship with each dog  she meets.”

We are blessed to have Emma as part of our DDI family! Below is an insight into Emma’s life.

Why did you decide to become a dog walker?

I love dogs more than anything, so walking them and taking care of them is the perfect job for me. Before becoming a dog walker, I just didn’t have enough interactions with dogs in my day to day life; now I get a lot closer to meeting my daily dog quota!

What is your favorite thing about the job? and DDI?

My favorite thing about the job is the special bonds I’ve formed with my dogs-it’s so great to see how much my dogs have come to know and trust me over time, especially some of the shy or skittish ones. What I love about DDI is how much everyone who works here, managers and walkers alike, truly love dogs! It’s clear that the health, safety and happiness of our dogs is everyone’s top priority

Tell us about your passions/hobbies!

I love drawing, writing, riding my bike, learning about science, and supporting local art and music-but my biggest passion is dogs 🙂

What would you like our readers/clients to know most about you?

I would like my clients to know how much their dogs mean to me! I think that’s true about all of us walkers at DDI-we love and care so much about our pups!

We love you Emma!

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