Eric Sowin – Featured Walker

If you look in the Dog Walking Encyclopedia under “Dependable,” you’ll find Eric’s bio. Since starting with DDI in September 2016, Eric continues to amaze our team with how consistently available he is to work extra shifts and cover last-minute walks. Eric is always on time, very communicative, and a real team-player for all of DDI’s walkers  in the Bucktown, Wicker Park, and West Town areas. No matter the circumstances, Eric is a reliable asset to the DDI operations, and we love having him a part of our family. Please read below to get to know Eric a little bit for yourself!

DDI: Why did you decide to become a dog walker?

Eric: I had just moved to Chicago and I’ve always loved dogs. I heard there was an opening so I figured it would be a good fit for me!

DDI: What is your favorite thing about the job? And DDI?

Eric: I love working with the dogs and getting to them. All my co workers are great. It’s something different and it never gets boring.

DDI: Tell us about your passions/hobbies! 

Eric: I’m a photographer, I play music, and I used to be in a few bands.

DDI: What would you like our readers/clients to know most about you?

Eric: I care about dogs, I want to make them happy, and I’m glad it’s my job to make them happy.


Congrats, Eric, and thank you for always having our back!

~Dogs Deserve It, January 2018

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