Elise – Featured Walker

Elise is an absolute ball of sunshine here at DDI! She’s warm, funny, and passionate about dogs!  There is no day where Elise is down- she’s always one of our most chipper team members. There’s also no challenge she’s not willing to take on, all while brightening everyone’s day, dog and human alike. This is why we have chosen her to be DDI’s August 2018 featured walker! Elise is from Pittsburgh, PA and came to Chicago for its top-notch comedy scene which is her without-a-doubt passion . She has been in walking in the Lincoln Park/Park West area since February of 2018, braving those harsh Chicago winters right from the beginning (we hear they’re worse in Pennsylvania!). She always has a positive attitude no matter what’s thrown at her, which is why we are so lucky to have Elise as part of the Dogs Deserve It Family.  Check out the interview below to learn more about one of our best walkers ever, Elise!


DDI: Why did you decide to become a dog walker?

Elise: I decided to become a dog walker because it allows me to support myself while giving me the opportunity to work with animals on the daily!

DDI: What’s your favorite thing about the job? And DDI?

Elise: My favorite thing about working at Dogs Deserve It is seeing all my regular dogs every day! I’ve grown so attached and sometimes I still can’t believe this job is real. 

DDI: Tell us about your passions/hobbies!

Elise: I’m extremely passionate about comedy. It’s the reason why I moved from Chicago. You can catch me doing stand-up in bars and clubs across the city, as well as see me perform improv on stage, at theaters such as Second City and iO.

DDI: What would you like our readers/clients to know most about you?

Elise: If I would have to guess, I would like readers and clients to know that I give everything I do- from walking your awesome pups to pursuing my dreams in comedy and stand-up performance, everything I do I give my 110%.


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