Scottie and Remy have been with DDI since Scottie was a puppy! This dynamic duo couldn’t be more different! Where Remy is energetic and playful, Scottie is calm and wise. They compliment each other so well and are not a duo you forget! They even have a brother cat, Jake! 

Their regular walker, Emma, had this to say about them. “I love Remy and Scottie to death! They’re unbelievably friendly and lovable, and together they make a perfect pair.”

We love the three of them and are thrilled to feature them as this month first, Dogs of the Month!

Below is an interview with their parents.

When and where did you get Scottie & Remy?

Scottie is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever from Appleton, WI and Remy is a Stabyhoun (pronounced sta-BAY-hoon) from Glen Ellyn, IL!

What is your favorite thing about Scottie & Remy?

Scottie the most easy going, relaxed, no-fuss dog. If she had it her way, she wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning until past noon and her favorite thing to do is crawl up on top of the couch (like a cat) and sleep. She does this every time she comes to visit the DDI office, too!

Remy is pretty much the complete opposite of Scottie (energy for days), but he is the sweetest, most loving dog. Chad and I like to say you don’t know love until you’ve met Remy. He is a cuddle monster and everyone’s best friend – and we love it!

If you could describe Scottie & Remy life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

Scottie – Red hair, don’t care.

Remy – Belly rub! Throw me the ball! OMG a treat! Scottie wants to play! Ooo look a stick!

Tell us a cute/funny story about the pups.

Scottie and Remy are best friends! Remy loves to play, and as a puppy would sometimes play a little rough with Scottie – this story is about one of those times: Remy and Scottie were playing and Scottie let out a yelp. He walked away from Scottie and headed to his crate. I heard him rooting around in there and out he popped with his crate blanket and draped it over Scottie. He went back in to the crate and brought out his favorite bone and dropped it right on her front paw, and then proceeded to give her lots of kisses on the head. He may be a crazy wild pup but he has the kindest heart of any dog I’ve ever met! Click HERE for a picture!



  1. I also had the pleasure of walking those two … and saw them out walking with there walker … they are two sweet pups

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