Dogs Deserve It Most Unique Dog Breeds

DDI would love to highlight some of our most unique dog breeds within our Dogs Deserve It family. Check out these cool dogs below!

  • Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever: This beauty is a medium-sized gundog bred primarily for hunting.  It is the smallest of the retrievers, and is often mistaken for a small Golden Retriever. Tollers are extremely intelligent and sweet!
    Nova Scotia

    Toller selfie


  • Stabyhoun: These guys are the definition of attentive. Stabyhouns don’t miss a beat. They are extremely smart, loyal and fun. Stabyhouns love to run, hunt and play!

    Stabyhoun profile


  • Collie/Corgi mix: This little munchkin is an adorable pairing. We love the Corgi personality: fiesty, loving and active combined with the Collie fur and good looks! Check out this CUTIE!

    Friday the Corgi Collie mix


  • Welsh Springer Spaniel: These handsome babies are always the life of the party! Welshies are covered in a beautiful red and white fur coat. Similarly, they are another hunting breed but are happy with long runs as well.


    Innis the Welshie

  • Greater Swiss Mountain Dog: Don’t be scared by their size, these gentle giants are a great family dog and just all around good companion. These dogs are originally from the Swiss Alps and are used to trekking in the snow and love hardwork!

    swiss mountain dog

    panting swiss mountain dog

  • Glen of Imaal Terrier: Never heard of this breed? Don’t be surprised as these loves are very rare. Their most notable trait-they sit like a human! Imaals are fun, adventurous and hilarious! We love being able to spend time with these spirited goofs! 

    Thanks for checking out Dogs Deserve It’s most unique dog breeds! Have a rare dog? Share it with us on our blog! xoxo DDI team

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