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Dogs Deserve It Leash Etiquette

Dogs Deserve It is known for many things in the industry, most notably, our attention to “leash etiquette” and proper leash handling techniques.

When clients come to us for leash etiquette training, we most often hear that they want to stop their dogs from pulling on the leash. As dog walkers, we completely understand how a dog pulling can cause stress on walks. That is why we decided to incorporate leash etiquette training into all of our employee training as well as a basic tenet of our walks.

So what is leash etiquette?

Leash etiquette is the same as basic leash manners. Proper etiquette is to walk your pup on one side the majority of the walk while having a secure hold of the lead which will be minimally extended. We implement simple and easy techniques so that your dog will walk better on the leash such as stopping at all stop signs and alleys. During each stop, we will have your dog sit and/or make eye contact with us before being released. All of our techniques are force-free and may involve the use of specific leashes and collars.

Essential Equipment

Dog training and employing proper leash manners are an essential part to good leash walking. But the right equipment is equally as important. Most clients think that having a harness is enough to curb leash pulling. While this is a good first step, not all harnesses are made equal. Harnesses are great at displacing the weight of a dog while not applying force on their trachea. Where harnesses fail is at curbing lunging/pulling. They actually work against the dog’s intrinsic desire to pull when they feel force against their chest.

The best option for most dogs are front leading collars like a Gentle Leader Easy Walker. According to the manufacturer, “the harness rests across your dog’s chest instead of his throat, so there’s no choking or gagging.”

“The Easy Walk Harness is perfect for keeping your dog under control.”

For dogs that are more severe pullers, we generally recommend using a Gentle Leader Nose Harness. We have found that most clients are wary of the harness as they think it resembles a muzzle. The Gentle Leader Nose Harness is actually one of the most humane collars that you can choose, though. The nose loop provides gentle redirection and allows the walker the ultimate control.

Utilizing both equipment and training, Dogs Deserve It walkers easily employ leash etiquette providing your dog with the ultimate walk experience.

Are you searching for a dog walker in the greater Chicago area? Dogs Deserve It is a Google 5-Star rated dog walking service with on-leash etiquette, advanced GPS tracking solutions that ensure accountability and an absolute LOVE for man’s best friend. Learn more about our dog walking services today.

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