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Dogs Deserve It Favorite Products

Ever feel like there are too many dog products to choose from? Which are durable? What ones are worth the money? Dogs Deserve It is here to do the work for you and break it down for you. We will discuss some of our favorite products and product lines.

Best Product Line

We’re starting off with one of our favorite product lines, Fable. A warning that if you’re in the market for cost savings, this is not your brand.  Fable prides themselves on being the “new evolution in pet gear.” The brand has a sleek, curated look that fits most customers’ aesthetic desires. Our favorite is their unique take on a dog crate, boasting an acrylic door with smooth bent wood frame. Check out their other innovative products such as the Magic Link leash. You won’t be disappointed!

Best Treats

Don’t be fooled by the appearance, these macarons are strictly for pets! Bonne Filou offers a wide assortment of macaron flavors from Lavender to Rose! The presentation and packaging of their macarons is second to none. They boast a “100% natural recipe handmade in the USA and free of artificial coloring or any preservatives”. 

Best Equipment

Most clients come to Dogs Deserve It not only for dog walking service, but for leash etiquette services. Leash etiquette provides dogs with basic leash manners such as how to walk on a short lead, how to pull less and stay on one side rather than zig zagging. A large part of this service is recommending the best collar to use. Traditional harnesses are a wonderful collar choice because they distribute a dog’s weight and take pressure off their trachea. Unfortunately, though, harnesses actually encourage a dog to pull as there is an innate response to pull when pressure is applied to a dog’s chest. This is where the Gentle Leader Easy Walker comes in. The Gentle Leader Easy Walker still provides the benefit of weight distribution but takes the chest pressure off by attaching to the leash at the front of the body.

Best Dog Bone

Rawhides are typically the bone of choice for our customers or even the more expensive, bully sticks. However, our favorite are Himalayan Dog Chews. These durable chews contain all-natural ingredients such as yak’s milk and lime juice. This preservative free treat is guaranteed to last even the hardest chewers a few hours.

We hope you enjoyed Dogs Deserve It’s favorite products list!

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