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Doggy Cabin Fever During A Pandemic

The weather is getting nicer. The sun is out more, green is literally EVERYWHERE, and there are blue skies for days! The bulky coats are in storage, and everyone, including our furry buddies, are beginning to enjoy the warmer weather. Except, there’s one little snag: WE’RE STILL IN A PANDEMIC! Total buzzkill.

When I first started with Dogs Deserve It back in November, and braved through biking in the winter, I dreamed of the day where my new buddies and I could stroll around the neighborhoods and enjoy our time together without five layers of everything. That all came to halt with this pandemic.

It placed us into quarantine, but not only us, but our pets as well. Usually our pets find ways to occupy themselves, but after a couple weeks into quarantine,  I began to notice something about my pup.  My usually energetic Akita, Xena, wasn’t jumping for joy as much, not excited to do really anything.

I’ve been trying, and somewhat failing, to stay productive myself, but then I got thinking about my pup. Is she is suffering from quarantine cabin fever as much as I am? I’ve read that our dogs are so in tune with our emotional state, more than most animals, that they can actually smell and adopt our emotions as their own because they trust us so much. Now, most of us are stressed and anxious, and unfortunately, that means they pick up on our cabin fever as well.

I wanted to change that. Taking into my account my experiences with Dogs Deserve It, I used it to my advantage. Indoor tug of war, hide-n-seek treat finding, the works. I started to see a difference in Xena. We have a backyard, so I amuse her with playing fetch with wood chips which she looooooves. It’s both entertaining for me, and exercise for her. Balance.

A lot of us are feeling, perhaps lost, at what to do during this pandemic for our four legged family members right now. It a complicated dance with other dogs when trying to get a walk in and it’s, quite frankly, stressful. We’re so restricted on how to provide that stimulation for them, so I say, get creative! Make an obstacle course, if you have a backyard, make that their playground, take a pause in your work schedule, or hobby, and carve out some quality, undivided time to your buddy. You’ll both be happier in the end.

I miss my furry friends, but I hope to see them all soon! Hopefully in time for summer!

Stay safe, play safe!

Alexx, Dogs Deserve It family member


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