Dog massage

I think we can all agree that this horrendous winter has taken a big physical and emotional toll on us all! Cold feet, runny noses, stuck cars, and backs sore from shoveling leave us with nothing but dreams of a (very) faraway exotic vacation on a white sand beach.

I can only imagine that our dogs feel the same way! My dog is outside significantly less than in the spring and summer, and when she does go outside, her walk is cut short by cold paws and those dreadful salted sidewalks. I try to pamper my (bored) girl by showering her with attention indoors and showing her as much love as I can muster until she can occupy herself outside among the flowers and sunshine. One way to make her happy is to give her a doggie massage! I can tell that it really relaxes her and I like to think that it sends her into reveries of white sand beaches too 🙂

Try giving your pup a massage to ease away the winter blues:

1) Starting on your dog’s neck, use your fingertips to make circular motions, and work your way down their neck to between their shoulder blades. This is usually your dog’s favorite spot, since he can’t reach it, so spend extra time there!

2) Continue onto your dog’s shoulders. The shoulders can be especially tight, so make sure to really rub these muscles.

3) Continuing in circular motions with your fingertips, work down to their chest and front legs.

4) Come back up between the shoulder blades and work down their spine, the base of their tail, and back legs.

5) Give your dog a big kiss and repeat 🙂