Dog Walkers – Accolades – October-December 2022

At Dogs Deserve It, we take pride in who we employ.  We think our dog walkers are the best! Check out a few of our customer’s accolades for our dog walkers below!

“Always informative and attentive”
“Thanks so much! He was very calm when I got home, which is a great sign.”
“Thank you!”
“Glad today was nice!”
“Thank you for keeping tabs on the crate situation!”
“Thank you Rob. Pee cleanup is above and beyond, you aren’t obliged but I do appreciate it. Will try this week to move out from the crate and see if messes continue.”
          “Thanks for keeping an eye out on this stuff. I’ll give him freer reign of the house while I”m gone, I think that works better than continuing to crate him.”
“Thanks so much! You guys always take such good care of him. I appreciate it!”
“Thanks so much! I’ve got out the heavier winter coat now too which you can use at your own discretion.”
“The boys love Rachel”
“Thanks as always!”
“Thank you Lauren – and happy holidays to the entire DDI fam! Everyone is always lovely to work with and I always know our pups are well taken care of :)”
See why Dogs Deserve It customers rave about our caring team! Learn more about our dog walking services to see how we can help you. Stay tuned for more customer accolades for our dog walkers!

P.S. see some great images our dog walkers have taken here!

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