Dog Walkers – Accolades – July-Novemeber 2023

At Dogs Deserve It, we take pride in who we employ.  We think our dog walkers are the best! Check out a few of our customer’s accolades for our dog walkers below!

“You rock! Thank you!”
“Thank you for everything Emma. We’re very sad to see you go. The girls will miss you a lot. You were one of their favorites. They always waited for you at the stairs and when they would see you walk through the gate they’d get so excited 😉 Good luck to you and your next endeavor”
“Thanks team”
“Thanks Danielle and Dogs Deserve It for making space for us this morning and for letting us join Rocky’s walk!”
“Thanks so much!”
“Thank you, Kristina!”
          “Thank you so much – appreciate it! Have a good weekend”
“Thank you!! Brody looks like he loved his walks this week”
“Thank you Lily! Have a good weekend”
“really appreciate the clear communication! thank you!”
“Great, thank you have a good one”
“Thanks so much for helping us out!”
“Thanks Lily! He sure loves his walks and scratches.”
“Thank you! Rachel is amazing :)!”
“Awesome, thanks for a great week of walks! And good photos”
“Thanks for always taking good care of them. They adore you”
“Excellent service and care”
“Kristina was great! Thank you!”
See why Dogs Deserve It customers rave about our caring team! Learn more about our dog walking services to see how we can help you. Stay tuned for more customer accolades for our dog walkers!

P.S. see some great images our dog walkers have taken here!

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