Dog Walkers – Accolades – April-June 2023

At Dogs Deserve It, we take pride in who we employ.  We think our dog walkers are the best! Check out a few of our customer’s accolades for our dog walkers below!

“Thank you for spending some quality time with them. You rock!”
“He loves his friends at the office!”
“Thanks! Brody loves his walks!”
“Thank you so much!”
“Your amazing!! Thank you for spicing it up for them. They love exploring new spots”
“Much appreciated, I’m sure he’ll get a good nap in now. Thanks!”
          “Carissa, you’re the best! Thank you for spending the time with them.”
“Thanks! Have a good one”
“Amazing-thank you so much!”
“Absolutely LOVE the detail from Lily!”
“Thank you so much, Danielle!”
“Thank you, Paloma! Have a great weekend”
“As always, excellent care, thank you!”
“Thanks, Gift! Great photos, have a good day!”
See why Dogs Deserve It customers rave about our caring team! Learn more about our dog walking services to see how we can help you. Stay tuned for more customer accolades for our dog walkers!

P.S. see some great images our dog walkers have taken here!

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