Dog or child?

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on our blog and for good reason! I have been busy adapting to my new role as HUMAN mother to a beautiful boy. Throughout my pregnancy, I was constantly torn by excitement and happiness for my new arrival and anxiety surrounding the thought of spending less time with my first born, Guido. How would I fit in all of his walks? Would I ever be able to spend quality time with just him? Would Guido become depressed? All of these worries plagued my mind. Like any type A person, I did better with a plan. It was at my seventh month that I decided to make a promise to Guido. My promise to him went something like this:

I will maintain your daily exercise regimen comprised of at least five walks per day.

I will NEVER refer to you as “the dog.” You are the love of my life and deserve to always be treated with respect.

I will carve out time each day to just be with you.

I will continue to pet your stomach on-demand.

I will tell you I love you numerous times per day.

You will always be allowed to sleep on my pillow right next to me.

I will never let Gio pull your hair, hit you or inflict other methods of torture. He will be raised to love and respect all animals.


Everyday moving forward I repeated these promises to myself in hopes that I could live up to them. The day Gio was born, I fell in love again. I now had two loves of my life. This didn’t stop me from yearning for Guido, though. I couldn’t wait to get Gio home to meet his big brother. The day we returned, Guido greeted Gio happily with smells, kisses and by plopping his head on Gio’s legs. My heart swelled. I never thought I had more room in my heart to love Guido any more, but I did. He exceeded my expectations in his new role as big brother.

The following few weeks were met by pure exhaustion but total bliss. I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed each day to keep up my promise and show Guido that I was forever dedicated to him. Now our everyday routine is made richer by our threesome walks, naps and pet time. Sure, it was an adjustment, but life is about how you can adapt to change. For all other nervous mothers, make a promise to yourself and your furry loves and do not be anxious. Your love will only get deeper and better.