Dog of the Month: Munchkin


Munchkin joining the DDI family was one of the best days in the office. Everyone had to see pictures of this new pitbull in Bucktown. When she began getting walks with our evening walkers, they would stop by and talk endlessly about meeting a new pitbull who was described as precious and big!

One of her regular walkers, Nicole, had so many great compliments. “Munchkin is a wonderful pup! She is playful, silly, and has such a vibrant personality. She takes her walks very seriously and is always a joy to be around. Munchkin is as fantastic as her owners; her owners are absolutely awesome!! It has been great just being around Munchkin and seeing her get so excited to go on walks! 🙂 She is one of my favorite dogs.”

Below is an exclusive interview with Munchkin’s owners!

When and where did you get Munchkin?

Munchkin became a member of our family on August 21, 2015. She came to us from It’s a Pittie Rescue. 

What is your favorite thing about Munchkin?

Her big, beautiful smile.

If you could describe Munchkin’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

“Live every day to the fullest (and eat every scrap of food on the street)!”

Share a cute/funny story about Munchkin.

Whenever Munchkin gets a new toy or stuffed animal, the first thing she does is remove the squeaker from the toy. She’s done this with every toy except one. Marvin the Moose is the lone survivor, and Munchkin carries him onto her bed every night to keep her company while she sleeps and dreams of peanut butter-paved streets.


We love you Munchkin!!

2 thoughts on “Dog of the Month: Munchkin

  1. Oh My Goodness!!!! What an absolute Cutie. I can see why she is a favorite amongst everyone. I opened up your newsletter today and instantly broke into a huge smile when I saw Munchkin.
    Where did they get that adorable rain coat? Ellie needs one and it would be perfect for her.

  2. We are so proud of Munchkin! She has worked so hard in “school” to be a dog we are all so proud of. Munchkin brings so much joy and happiness to all who know her. Her beautiful smile makes everyone feel happy. She is so deserving of the honor to be Dog of the Month. We love you so much Munchie!

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