Dog of the Month: Riley



Riley  is such a sweet lady to whomever she meets. Operations Manager, Sam, had more to say about Riley. “It was always so evident how much love she had for me when I walked in to her home everyday. She heard me come in and would run to greet me at the door, then sit so patiently as I put her harness on. Our rides down the elevator were extra special because I would stoop down and she would dig her head into my lap until the elevator landed. That always melted my heart and made me fall in love with her.”

When Riley’s regular walker, Annie, heard she would be featured as the dog of the month, she also had so many great things to say. “I always look forward to walking Riley because I know as soon as I turn the lock to the door, she’ll be there waiting, tail wagging, with a toy in her mouth. She’s as sweet as she is gentle, but still has a ton of spunk! A true ray of sunshine, Riley always brightens my day.” 

Below is an interview with Riley’s parents.


When and where did you get Riley?

We got Riley just over four years ago when she was a year and four months old. We were on the waiting list for a Lab Rescue Organization and they put us in touch with Riley’s previous owners who were located outside of Minneapolis (she has since become a Bears fan).


What is your favorite thing about Riley?

Riley has a huge heart for animals and humans alike. She wants to meet every dog on a walk, play with every dog in the beach and greets all of our friends and family as she would her people!


If you could describe Riley’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

Riley lives for the beach; we can’t say “beach” without her going ballistic with enthusiasm.


Tell us a cute/funny story about Riley.

Riley puts herself to bed at 9pm every night but then can’t stand not being included on our bed, which she ends up inviting herself into and hogging!


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