Dog of the Month: Wrigley!!!

November’s Dog of the Month  goes to Wrigley!  Wrigley is a type of pup who comes off strong with his love and will eat about every treat you give him! He’s a big huger and sports his signature bandana constantly!  His regular walker, Evan, says this. “Wrigley is quite the beauty and certainly knows it. Proud and confident, he can be quite the talker sometimes. In true husky form he loves running in the snow. He also gives the best hugs.” This past month, Wrigley turned 5 years old! 


Below is an interview with Wrigley’s owner, Anne!


When and where did you get Wrigley?

Wrigley was born on October 19th, 2011 and I got him that December from a breeder in southern Indiana. I knew I wanted a husky because they are so interesting, different and beautiful.


What is your favorite thing about Wrigley?

Wrigley is consistently the happiest part of my life. I work in psychiatry and I when leave the hospital every day I immediately get excited to come home and see him–he is quite literally my therapy dog. He is so quirky and has the funniest moods sometimes–he’s usually talkative when I get home from work, like he’s telling me about his day. He howls whenever I’m on the phone ordering sushi (probably because he knows that’s one thing I won’t share with him). He’s also the happiest creature I’ve ever known, and seeing him happy and smiling is so relaxing to me and fills me with joy.


If you could describe Wrigley life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

Wrigley’s life attitude: Joy can be found in life regardless of one’s circumstances. I say this because Wrigley finds joy in every single day–he LOVES the snow and the cold but is perfectly content on hot days as well. He is losing his eyesight (see below) but couldn’t be bothered one bit about it.


Tell us a cute/funny story about Wrigley.

Wrigley is a purebred husky which are prone to genetic eye diseases. He had cataract surgery when he was 2, and now he has glaucoma. He has lost most of his eyesight in his right eye and I am afraid he may someday go blind. His condition has stabilized for now (on a very complicated eye drop regimen) and in the mean time, I am taking him on as many adventures as possible while he can still see–we’ve been paddle boarding on Lake Geneva, hiking and camping at Mammoth Cave National Park, and we took a long road trip all the way down to Orange Beach, Alabama. Wrigley’s loss of eyesight does not seem to bother him at all–he continues to love life and be happy every day!



We love you Wrigley and are so happy to have as part of the DDI family!!


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  1. Wrigley is super adorable. Sorry to hear about his eyesight. He is so fortunate you take him on all the greatest of adventures for him to enjoy. Made me smile reading his story. Thanks

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