Dog of the Month: Ruby L

There’s hardly anything sweeter than a gentle jump on the shins from a soft-pawed doggy of 20 pounds. For reasons like these, we chose one of the friendliest dogs we’ve ever met, Ruby, to be our June Dog of the Month!

Ruby has the ability to melt your heart from miles away. She innocently scurries towards anyone she sees in attempts to befriend them, all the while possessing the rare ability to instantly improve that person’s mood no matter the type of day they may be having. Her long-time walker Emma said, “Ruby is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. She loves to snuggle and you can’t help but smile when she runs toward you to say hello. The people she meets while I’m walking her never want to say goodbye! She’s a wonderful pup who is loved by all!”

We asked Ruby’s owner Megan to share some information about Ruby’s story:

When and where did you get Ruby?

I got Ruby a little over 3 years ago from a breeder in New Lenox, IL by the name of Angel Paws. I like to think that Ruby picked me the day I went to meet the litter. I sat down to play with 5-6 of the puppies in the litter and while most of them were jumping all over the place vying for my attention, Ruby casually walked over to me and just sat down right next to me. I knew she was the right dog for me from that day forward.

What is your favorite thing about Ruby? 

Ruby is a hugger by nature! Whether it’s myself, [her walker] Emma, or a complete stranger, Ruby will go straight up to you and wrap her front legs around your leg. I think she does this in order to get extra attention to whoever she has decided to latch on to but it is such a great way to be greeted and she can truly brighten anyone’s day.

If you could describe Ruby’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

Ruby’s attitude in life is to chase as many leaves as possible and treat everyone she sees as though they have been best friends. She truly loves every person that comes in contact with her.

Could you tell us a cute/funny story about Ruby?
One day in front of Starbucks as I was walking Ruby, I could see this little girl getting excited as Ruby was approaching her. I didn’t think much of it as most kids get pretty excited when they see any dog. Then I heard her say to her mom “I can’t believe she is real, I just saw her on TV.” I was a bit confused by this but decided to play along. As the girl started playing with Ruby she said, ” I can’t believe I get to pet Lady, and look mom she even has her license on!” I then understood she thought Ruby was Lady from Lady and the Tramp. I am glad that Ruby got to make that little girl’s day and Ruby became a celebrity in her right.
Congratulations to Ruby! We are so blessed to have her a part of the Dogs Deserve It family!


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