With a name like Pancakes, what is there to expect but a sweet little pup with colorful bows in her hair! Pancakes is exactly what you imagine when meeting her. She is small. She is fluffy. She is a ball of energy. She turned eight years of age a few months back, but you would think she was a puppy! New Client Manager, Daniel, recalls walking her once. “It’s been a while since I’ve walked her, but I remember her being adorable and playful; who ran up to me when I got there. I mean just look at her face, how could you not love that face.”

Below is an interview with her mom.


When and where did you get Pancakes?

After a long day at work in January 2009, I walked into Pocket Puppies in Lincoln Park just to play with some cute puppies and I walked out with baby Pancakes cuddled inside my coat.

What is your favorite thing about Pancakes?

Her big dog heart and personality in her cuddly, little dog body 🙂

If you could describe Pancakes life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

“I may be small, but I rule my world with bows and a big smile!”

Tell us a cute/funny story about Pancakes.

When Pancakes was a puppy she used to go rollerblading with my brother.  And because of his skills, or lack thereof, it turned into her just pulling him across smooth surfaces and being his buffer when he couldn’t stop.  While she did enjoy pulling him around, she wasn’t a fan of assisting him in stopping and their rollerblading adventures didn’t last long.  However, to this day, when she hears rollerbladers or skateboarders she gets extra “excited” and pulls on her lease and barks as loud as she can at the offender.  As there are limits to how ferocious a 9 lb. dog with bows can be, she usually gets a giggle and a wave in response. 

We love you Pancakes!!!

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