Dog of the Month: Olive B

If you ask anyone at Dogs Deserve It what their favorite breed is, you’ll likely hear something to the effect of “ALL BREEDS ARE MY FAVORITE BREED!” Yet, it’s quite unanimous that Bernese Mountain Dogs are a favorite pure breed selection. Affectionate, loving, goofy, and loyal, “Berners” are delightful dogs and we love getting to walk them. This month, DDI is proud to showcase a Bernese Mountain Dog that exemplifies all the lovable qualities of the breed, while throwing in a few of her own personality quirks. Congratulations to a dog worthy of all the love and praise in the world, Olive!

Olive’s walker James (and this month’s “Featured Walker!”) shared the following about Olive: “I adore all the pups I have the honor of walking, but Olive is the most social dog I have ever seen. If she makes eye contact with ANYONE they are instantly her new best friend. And the gal is a Bernese Mountain Dog, so it isn’t like you can reject the friendship. 9 out of 10 walks, she meets a new friend and gets them to pet her. We pass two bus stops along the route we take, and if someone is waiting for a bus, she will sit at their feet and demand to be petted. Once, when one of her new buddies started boarding the bus, she tried getting onboard too! It’s not just people. Animals. She loves all of them. Several dog owners in the neighborhood know her and the pups love to say “hello,” but what breaks my heart with Olive is her admiration for these two cats that live near her block. They are often sunbathing on the steps in front of their house, and despite them having a very cat like destine or indifference towards Olive, she loves them. She never gets close enough because they’re always behind the house’s fence, but she stops and looks at them, tail wagging and desperately wanting to play. Even when the cats aren’t there, Olive still sits outside the house on every walk and looks around the yard for them. If it isn’t obvious, Olive is overflowing with love and I love her right back.”

Below is a conversation we had with Olive’s owners Brian and Gayle:

DDI: When and where did you get Olive?
Olive’s Owners: We got Olive August 27th 2016. Olive is a Chicago native, she was born in Wrigleyville!

DDI: What is your favorite thing about Olive?
OO: Our favorite thing about Olive is that she is so friendly, if she could talk she would always introduce herself by saying, “Hi! My name is Olive!” She is such a socialite and loves everyone!

DDI: If you could describe Olive’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?
OO: Olive’s life attitude in 1 sentence would be: FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out]. Olive loves everyone, has to be the center of everything, and never wants to feel left out.

DDI: Could you tell us a cute/funny story about Olive?
OO: Olive likes to play hide and seek. As a puppy she used to fit under the couch and hide and now she wedges her way behind it and stands still like a statue until we acknowledge that we’ve found her.

Thank you, Olive, for being such a friendly and funny dog! We’re lucky to have you a part of the DDI family!

~Dogs Deserve It, October 2017

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