Dog of the Month: Margo

“When I think of Margo I think of sunshine and soft clouds. She’s a golden girl with the softest fur ever! Margo just wants to cuddle and get tummy rubs:). Of course, she loves food above that. Margo takes it easy and she deserves the calmest life possible. She’s the most gentle girl with all!” Daniella, her long time walker, had all this and more to say about the sweet Golden Retriever.

The day we contacted, her mom, Sabrina, to inform her of Margo’s feature; we received an unexpected and heartwarming reply. “Margo was at the vet yesterday for some tests.  While I waited for her, I felt a combination of incredible gratitude for the amazing time we’ve had together and sadness that she has been fighting cancer for the last 4-1/2 years.  I just got a call that the tests came back fine!  Whew!!”

Reading that email was the best news and along with her mother, we agreed Margo is the toughest girl we know. Margo we wish you many long, lovely years full of belly rubs and ear scratches!

Below is an interview with her mom

When and where did you get Margo?

My sons and I got Margo 8-1/2 years ago from a breeder in Northern California.  Margo was a champion show dog before we got her and I have a stack of ribbons to prove it!  Though her show days are over, she’s still got her regal look!

What is your favorite thing about Margo? 

One of her favorite things is for someone to hold her paw.  She’s not interested in shaking, she just wants you to hold her paw.  When you let go, she’ll give you the other one!  She couldn’t be happier than when she’s holding hands with someone!

If you could describe Margo’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be? 

Margo favorite things in life are:  food (she lives for food!), lounging on the couch, greeting everyone she encounters outside (in the hope of getting lots of attention) and shredding paper and cardboard in her spare time!  She is a happy, mellow, beautiful girl!

Tell us a cute/funny story about Margo

The first time I met Margo, she ran full speed toward me and flopped down at my feet, rolling onto her back waiting for a belly rub!  I fell in love with that silly, sweet girl and never turned back!


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