When I spoke with his walker, Daniella, she was ecstatic saying, “He’s worth it!” She had more to say about him. “He is a big goggley eyed nugget! Koby will say hi to all pups young or old, shy or not. The whole neighborhood loves Koby :). Koby’s only weakness would be treats and food. He literally stood in front of a sign and stared for a good 5 minutes because it had a picture of a sandwich. He’s a trooper in any weather for being such a little guy, he’s tough and has one of the biggest hearts.” Reading her messages about him, I smiled. Meeting him myself, he was exactly as she described.

Below is an interview with Koby’s mom.

When and where did you get Koby?

I got Koby nine years ago when I was a senior in college at Western IL. At the time, my parents were less than thrilled and told me he had to sleep in the garage or basement. In no time, Koby won their hears and his way into sleeping on their bed!

What is your favorite thing about Koby?

My favorite thing about Koby is his grumpy old man face paired with his sweet, loving, and calm demeanor. Koby will turn 10 years old this year and everyone who meets him sees his energy and thinks he is still a puppy! I am a speech therapist and I’ve had the opportunity to take Koby to work with men to meet kids and adults at the nursing home and he brings smiles to everyone he meets!

If you could describe Koby life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

FOOD; sunshine, long walks, and spending time with his favorite humans!

Tell us a cute/funny story about Koby

I found out Koby can roll down the windows in my vehicle the hard way! On two separate occasions, I left the car running to give him A/C. The first time he rolled down the window, jumped out of my car and followed me into a bank! The second time he locked me out of the car and I had to call a locksmith. Needless to say, Koby now gets A/C and child locks on windows!


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