Dog of the Month: Denver


Denver has been with the company for many years and has had many walkers. He is a tripod dog and his disability does not hinder him at all. He is one of the fastest, most enthusiastic pups we have! Denver receives both morning, daytime, evening, and weekend walks, thus guaranteeing almost everyone in the company walking him at least once. His regular morning and daytime walker, Joe, had this to say about him. “Denver is one of those extraordinary dogs, with a story or two. He has been through alot, and never have I seen spirits so high no matter what the circumstances. I call Denver the Waveland Wild Child. We can all learn a little bit from him, in terms of a positive outlook on the world. We love Denver so much and look forward to so many  more fun times!” 

When and were did you get Denver?

Denver was born in Hungary on 8 September 2008.  Frédéric, my partner, who lives in Paris, France and Denver’s first Dad, bought him in Paris.  During his first 2 years, he was spoken to in French, and then came to Chicago in 2010.  He’s now become a bi-lingual dog!  Denver has also made two trans-Atlantic trips between Paris and Chicago before moving here.  And he loves road trips!

What is your favorite thing about Denver?

My favorite thing about Denver:  it was hard to pinpoint one thing because he’s such a great dog with so many great qualities.  However, I have to say thatDenver’s ability to sense when I’m upset about going to work is unique.  He knows when I have to go and he will come sit next to me on the floor and put his head on my chest.  Kind of a way to say, “It’s okay; I understand and I’ll see you soon.”  

Frédéric’s favorite thing is when Denver wipes his face with his front paws.  A cute mannerism for a dog. 

If you could describe Denver’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

Denver’s life attitude is that he LOVES to go and be outside as often as possible, and loves to be with people to put smiles on their faces!

Tell us a cute/funny story about Denver

Now that Denver is a “tripawd,” he has managed to adjust incredibly well.  As such, when he’s excited about other dogs – even if he just hears their barks, he has managed to lift his right leg high enough to do a hand stand while marking territory!!  Sometimes he even continues walking on his front paws while marking!  Quite the sight to see!!

This is the first month we are featuring both the regular dog and their regular walker in the same issue. Check out Denver’s walker’s (Joe) interview under this month’s Featured Walker.


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